The origin of interior design

The origin of interior design

In the previous article, we pondered with you what interior design is and its background. I will not repeat myself, but to begin today’s article, it is desirable precisely from what is the main task of the designer. And since design embodies a complete projection of such expressions as beauty, inspiration, coziness, harmony, aesthetics, comfort, and many others that are consonant with this and are closely intertwined with them, one should approach the creation of interior design with a thorough preparation. The perfect interior design cannot appear suddenly, and out of thin air …

And from what does the interior design come from?

With the understanding of the fact that most, most of the design projects are custom-made, that is, for a specific customer. The designer is simply obliged to understand the desires and life priorities of his customer, and often his family members. And this does not depend on whether the clients themselves want to inform the designer about their desires, or whether there will be a need to receive this information in direct communication. Moreover, often this must be done very correctly, diplomatically and professionally.

Not just perfect design, but the best option in every case!

As we have already found out, and I think when making a design project to order, this is not subject to appeal, the interests and desires of the customer, this is the basic law. And no matter how much we make amendments and clarifications to this law, it will still remain fundamental! But with all this, we, as professionals in our field, are also obligated to prevent a complete asymmetry of our client’s wishes and design rules. And this is quite a challenge! We must accurately assess our capabilities, taking into account the terms of reference and room capabilities, and with all this, find a specific, and in each of the projects, unique, optimal design concept. Which will appeal to us, designers, and our customers.

The birth of an interior design project is like a sunrise!

The first ideas and suggestions that appear at the beginning of design can be compared with the first rays of the rising sun! The sky begins to brighten, more clearly visible  the horizon line, and the first rays of the Sun, not yet pronounced and not as radiant as after  the rise of our luminary, but already gliding across the sky, it’s like our thoughts and ideas … This and there is a beginning. And if we compare further, until full sunrise, and before the rise at the zenith, then the design process is very similar, both in sequence and in brightness of outlines, and in colorfulness. And the more communication is gaining momentum in terms of specifying the main idea, the clearer and more distinct it is reflected in the development of design and project documentation.

Definition of the basic design concept, it is important!

Considering the wishes of our client, and the technical capabilities of this space, we must pass all the information through the prism of our imagination, experience and inspiration! And to determine the main direction of movement, which simply must coincide with the wishes of the customer, or in extreme cases not to discredit them, and naturally fit into the image created by our imagination! It is the basic concept that will serve as the core on which subsequently, we will arrange everything in such a way that from a simple core, it will turn into a Christmas tree. With fluffy branches, and fabulously beautiful toys and decorations. This is certainly allegorical, but from the beginning to its completion, the development of a design project will be built precisely on the basic concept.

Thinking a lot about design is both interesting and correct.

To create a unique and perfect design, there can not be too many thoughts, conversations and ideas. And do not give up the opportunity not only to achieve the final result, create a design project, but in full measure will also enjoy the creation process itself! It’s also so exciting and interesting to dream, fantasize, experiment and reflect, in search of the one and only non-repeatable interior that you want. In which will pass some of the best years of your life! Well isn’t that great! Dreams are wonderful!