Interior design – what is it?

Interior design – what is it?

Good afternoon, dear readers! I propose to devote today’s article to discussions on the topic,  what is interior design. Many will say that there is nothing to talk about. Design he and there is a design, and everyone knows everything about it … And what do you know? Did you know that a few hundred  years ago, there was not a word design, nor the name of the profession of designer, nor any variations on a similar topic. But with all this, in the absence of interior designers and everything else,  people did not live without beauty and aesthetics. And carefully examining the monuments of ancient architecture, we can judge that the interiors in them are not nearly inferior in beauty, style, inspiration  and other beauty criteria, our current interior designs. And when you consider that in those days, knowledge and  experience was much less than today, then with full confidence we can say that the interiors of the past are simply unique !!!

So if not designers – then who?

You’ll say that you shouldn’t talk about this either, everyone knows that these were ancient architects, or as they were called in the past, architects. It was they who not only designed the buildings as a whole, given all the engineering and architectural complexity, but also not forgetting about the internal  the interior of each square meter of area. It was they, in one person, included  several specialties of today, they were both surveyors, and architects, and engineers, and designers, and often possessed knowledge of many more and different things. These were great people!

Who have created for humanity a heritage that we will be very proud of and for a very long time. You can endlessly list their creations, of which there are several on the globe  tens of thousands, and you can briefly and easily, emphasize that some of the seven wonders of the world, man-made. Created by architects!

And if not design – then what is it?

And even to this question, you can easily find the answer! Say it was interior design, only he was not given his own name. And included in the architecture and hinted at the interior decoration  rooms, or vaguely called the decor of the rooms, from the word – to furnish. Since the main  floor planes: The ceiling, walls and floor were already ready in the context of architecture, It was left to elegantly furnish! And it was possible for the architects of those times, no worse than all the previous ones.

But the most interesting and mysterious, these are the facts when the owner of their chambers is white-stone, or gilded domes, regardless of the recommendations of the architect, he was engaged in the furnishing of premises  at their discretion, these premises did not fade in the darkness of bad taste and ignorance. And why?

Yes, because the architect invested so much of his own in the future royal bedchamber labor and creative inspiration that you don’t have to put what bed – and the bedroom will still remain the bedroom. And not just a bedroom, but a royal bedroom. Like all other rooms delighting our eyes for many centuries, and inspiring us to create something of the same masterpiece!

The designer and interior design is …

And as it seems, there is nothing mysterious and surprising in the origin of new words and new professions. A designer is a designer, and interior design is what he does. So why did we reason about all this? And here lies the main question! Based on the fact that the designer is gifted a person with a rich imagination and the required knowledge, and interior design, this beautiful organization of the interior space, stylish and aesthetic, bewitching and unique,  then tell me why, with such a narrow specialization, in comparison with the tasks of the ancients architects, many designers can not cope with the task. Why don’t they try to surpass their progenitors in this art? I’m not talking about everyone … But most of me are surprised.

Is it because we are losing the culture of beauty and aesthetics. And negligent designers hide their bad work, and you can’t call it creativity at all, for beautiful phrases, and significant  gestures. Explaining his bad taste, the demand of a new time. Calling stylization of Loft, one of the latest fashion trends … Think about it, and you will understand everything !!!