Modern materials for the manufacture of kitchen

Modern materials for the manufacture of kitchen

Of the materials there is always a mirror-tinted glass. Dark metal, and natural stone with marble. And all this gives unsurpassed perfection. And always combined. And merges into one.

This is the distinguishing feature that is always recognizable to all. And yet, all poliform work surfaces, never and under any circumstances, are not afraid of destructive moisture, as well as various mechanical and chemical influences. They can’t even afford the heat. Do not believe it, just not a product to be killed; it’s not so easy to stain or scratch them.

There is nothing superfluous in design, everything is always thought out and done as for yourself with love.

A very important element in the kitchen is the countertop, and currently the materials are masked in such a way that it is difficult to determine even by touch. What is it made of. Yes, modern technology has achieved mastery. And the material itself is felt, completely matte, and resistant to any conditions, and in appearance resembles a dark stone. It is absolutely even and does not cause any harm and is not subject to deformation during any cleaning of products. The poliform kitchen brand, pays the lion’s share of the countertop itself, in the quality of modern polymers, since this is the most important design of the kitchen itself.

An original solution will be if the table top is made in the form of a circle, which is supported by a hidden integrated leg. It simultaneously serves as a stop and serves as an additional chopping board.

We recommend that the sinks themselves be made of stainless steel, which never absorb fat and odors. And the best option. When it is installed from the bottom and as a result, fat will never accumulate on the countertops at the joints. And most importantly, you can see that all the joints of the sink and the countertops are connected and you will not notice this smooth transition, and the sink itself is also combined in color and visually difficult to catch – all are one, although the materials are different. Near the countertop you can see the built-in smoothly moving tray and grill. With a cutting board. And more convenient working sockets that are easy and convenient to press, push. And move to the right place.

For storage of covers. Various utensils have a special box with moving wooden planks. Which give emphasis to them. And in the end, they don’t hang out. How nice that everything is thought out even to the smallest detail.

And another interesting detail that is not present in other design projects is that the working area of ​​the kitchen itself can be closed with ordinary, elegant and romantic curtains, but not with blinds, as we used to see. These are automatic, self-moving, light-absorbing cells that silently descend from the ceiling and block the visible aspects of the kitchen. And in the end it turns into one beautiful wall, and already you will not see various kitchen utensils, even the sink itself and the countertop.

The difference between the varenna and poliform kitchen is the unusual design of the front of the facades, the deeper we see the recessed light. The more the effect of tinting black glass is created, and as a result, the light becomes more subdued and does not irritate the eye.

The slotted handle in the facade can look either on one side or the other or on both sides for the entire length. The options can be different and playing with the location of the handle, you can achieve an unusual slot that comes out of nowhere and reminds us of a sincere and beautiful smile, decorating the entire central part of the kitchen.

The vertical slot in the closet does not reach the floor; it is an unusual style for us. After all, we are used to seeing that it goes all the way from top to bottom, and here. Not that image and the aesthetics of the facade itself immediately changes. So easily and simply with the help of a slot, the face itself changes and gives individuality. Nowadays they like to combine walls with hinged cabinets, alternating a strip of a glass showcase, or a blank cabinet.

And the chairs in the kitchen are light and comfortable and soft. You can sit with friends in the kitchen at least all day, these are not wooden varnished stools that are always loose and not comfortable. The backs in the seats are fixed not deformed and do not break.

The poliform brand is not mass production, but it is easy to order. And it is not badly used in the Ukrainian market, on the average price segment.

You will never see hanging wires, everything is hidden and the light from the LED strip does not hit our eyes and does not distract attention. The texture of the kitchen can be completely different, glossy, matte, stone-like, or a slight roughness. As for the facades in the dark aluminum frame of the drawers, the visual impression is that the thickness of the facades is literally a few millimeters.