Household appliances of European companies (refrigerator, TV, etc.)

Household appliances of European companies (refrigerator, TV, etc.)


Dacor also produces unusual refrigerators for giants, which are produced and controlled by one electronics. The temperature is set automatically, and sound sensors signal about its deviation, about the open door. A hidden camera is also mounted here, which captures a person at night, who has made his way secretly to eat and have a snack, despite the doctor’s prohibitions

A very important and necessary topic for the kitchen interior is the acquisition of the latest household appliances. Which will only help to live and cheer up.

After all, we all love to eat tasty and healthy for health, and transfer all the work to the shoulders of the eternal to our workers.

And such a representative is the Smeg refrigerator, and despite its dimensions, it may be so easy to fit into our interior design in the kitchen, and there will not be any gaps anywhere from either side or top.

Doors always look completely flush with the overall facade of the kitchen. And all due to the fact that this mechanism allows you to open the doors inside, and the refrigerator looks like an integrated one, and it does not need to have a rear distance for the cooling motor. Due to this, the refrigerator itself looks like a big stylish metal. In a word, the thing is universal and in demand. There are refrigerators with tricky doors. Which are opened by pressing a button in the center, and your wish will be fulfilled, the door itself will open without an additional handle.

SAMSUNG, offers its new product in the form of an oven, in which you can cook two different dishes at the same time. In one upper side, chicken meat or quail will be stewed, and in the other, here’s a fresh, rosy pie. This oven has two independent heating zones. And the smells do not overlap one another, so you can set a completely different temperature.

But Dacor, went even further and offers his equipment for the giants, at 136 liters. Just look at this oven, there you can cook a whole turkey for a large and friendly company.

It is also possible to choose one ruler, but in different colors, this is a chic chrome stainless steel, or there is an option to purchase a white or black oven, or a microwave. Two in one from the company Hotpoint, which is suitable for any color of the kitchen.


The company, Siemens, took a different path, almost all household kitchen appliances connected to WI-FI, it’s just a smart home, and it looks very cool. The dishwasher will help to keep your fingers tender, and you will use your sink as little as possible. When you take out clean and washed dishes from the machine, you will immediately put them in storage, and therefore the absence of a wing at the sink will always allow you to increase the working space. An antibacterial lamp is provided for all washed and dried cutlery and dishes.

For storage of dishes, sliding doors were invented by Electrolux, and now you do not need to cut the base so that the doors go inside. Today, it’s realistically possible to make the base flush, with facades and a dishwasher will not create problems for us, and to tilt us, since we no longer need to bend over. Everything is pulled without problems and gets.

If you don’t want handles, then the solution will be, supper, you should knock on top and say the magic word: “Sim, sim, open the door” and the dishwasher from MIELE, will open your arms and the lid will open.

The hob also has access to the Internet using WI-FI. It is possible to offer an induction whole cooking surface, with an integral heating zone. There is also a Wok burner, thanks to which now at home you can now cook and enjoy exceptional dishes at home, as there is a triple flame, as well as a special adapter for dishes for all occasions.

And if you want, you can easily close the hob with a tephalic lid.

There is a huge range hood chandelier above the hob, which occupies a large space at the top and allows you to see the whole interior of the kitchen design in a completely different way, and it is more an aesthetic tool. Rather than a functional element. Such exhausts of a chandelier with a backlight look effectively above the entire working surface, but you must always connect to the duct and drive it into the box.

There are cooker hood hoods built directly on it, and all the steam will go away and be sucked in without leaving the object itself.

An extractor hood can also be mounted together for a deck with a countertop, and the design itself looks absolutely cool. Since nothing sticks out and does not come forward, and the hood itself takes up very little space and there is minimalism in all its manifestations. And in the end, nothing hangs from above, and most importantly does not take up additional space above the hob.