Design of the third millennium

Design of the third millennium

I mean both design, and design, and design, and design, and design, and looks, and style, both that, and another. The design should not come out in the light of new words and viarazii, a new vikonvati will soon be released to its nonstop robots. In fact, everything is fine. And don’t give a damn to the robot with good words. I think that everyone is frequent and frequent, and do not want to ask questions to interlocutors who want to live in a castle.

Modern interior design

Modern design projects have made great strides in comparison with earlier layouts. Today, experts take into account both the customer’s opinion and the peculiarity of each individual space. Thus, designers manage to get a cozy and at the same time practical interior, in which everything is thought out to the smallest detail.
The interior design of the third millennium – what is it?
The answer to the question, what design is now in fashion, can not be unambiguous. Firstly, because today designers often mix several styles to get a unique interior that emphasizes the character and lifestyle of the owner of the house.
However, it can be said with confidence that in the third millennium the design of a house or an apartment in the style of minimalism takes the first place. In the era of consumption, many people are already tired of the abundance of furniture, decor and technology in the house. Masstar studio designers prefer to leave room space free, filling it with only the most necessary elements. And as decorative elements, you can use practical things such as a sofa, table, appliances.

In addition to minimalism, the main trends among style trends in interior design remain:

• loft;
• high tech;
• classic;
• modern.

Interior Design – Trends 2019

Today, interior design of apartments and houses has several main trends:
1. Use of natural materials. Yes, wood as a floor is much more expensive than linoleum or carpet. However, eco-style breaks into all walks of life. And today many people choose materials that do not harm the environment and human health.
2. The abundance of light. The minimum amount of natural or artificial lighting makes the room visually smaller. While large windows and an abundance of lighting devices expand the space and make it lighter and lighter.
3. Light shades in the finish. Beige, white and gray tones in combination with good lighting allow you to make spacious even the smallest room. In addition, any bright accents are perfectly combined with them.
4. Expanse. Masstar studio designers have long abandoned the idea of ​​furnishing houses and apartments with huge wardrobes, dressers, partitions and other pieces of furniture that impede movement. If you are the owner of a small one-room apartment, the ideal solution would be to combine the living room and kitchen, getting a studio apartment.
Choosing ideas for interior design, you should focus on your own preferences and at the same time listen to the advice of experienced designers. So, if you started a repair and want to find original ideas in order to completely transform your home, visit our website. Interior design of apartments is a whole complex of works, which takes into account not only the style direction, but also the layout of the rooms, zoning of the space, the selection of the necessary materials. That is why it is so important to rely on experienced designers and architects. After listening to all your wishes, the experts will be able to create for you an interior design in a modern style, which you dreamed about.
A home is a place where a person returns after a hard day’s work to recuperate, relax and be with his family. A stylish and original interior is not just a whim of the customer. Properly planned design of the rooms will show the best way of life of your family and allow you to feel as comfortable as possible.