Modern bedroom designs

Modern bedroom designs

First of all, we must understand that our bedroom is a heart, a nest, where only two people have the right to enter, and reveal their soul to each other

In other words, she is the holy of holies and not to the public eye. Not everyone is given the right to see.

It is like a sealed book, and perhaps there are scattered things and prying eyes or prying eyes should not be seen.

Interior Design Trends 2019

Intrigue and mystery must always soar here. After all, a bedroom is not a courtyard, and it should always be located in a cozy, quiet and secluded place, and we need to think in advance and subtly combine with romance how to arrange it so that everything is in harmony with nature and always delights our eyes. So for this we always need to remember the modern design of the bedroom
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Bedroom lighting

For convenience and comfort in the bedroom, it is best that there are at least two switches. One is appropriate to place near the bed, and the other, respectively, at the entrance. This will make life easier for all of us, and once again we won’t have to get out of bed to turn the lights on or off. After all, it’s true that it is very easy to press a button gently with one finger, and as a result, the LED light will almost turn on itself, you don’t need to make special physical efforts, and most importantly minimal costs. And if you suddenly think of making cosmetic repairs, it will be very simple and budget, but there are options that the bedroom has already been repaired and there is no way to lay something or change something. Then on this score there is a radio switch, such a switch is powered by a finger-type battery, and it easily adheres to the wall without troubles, without laying an additional cable. As a result, your bedroom will not only be beautiful and pleasant to your eye, but the light itself will saturate and illuminate the right place, and if you want to create a romantic atmosphere, then in this regard it is possible to choose the best option, in terms of saturation and color scheme. In this matter you will not have any misunderstandings.

Important appliances are needed for the bedroom

You should always consider the right number of outlets. That there were no extra wires in the bedroom, extension cords and the option to get lost in them was excluded. And the inconvenience underfoot, which does not betray any aesthetics, pristine and unique. And it is necessary to foresee and implement everything in advance. Indeed, in life you will always need additional lamps. As well as electric heating appliances, in the winter season. For this case, it is appropriate that there are two sockets near the bed and recharging the smartphone. They should always be visible, and not hidden in a distant drawer, there should also be a power outlet for the TV on the opposite side of the bed. And above the dressing table it will be quite pleasant to look at the euro socket, for an iron, a hairdryer. After all, we will always have to maintain cleanliness and beauty for our health.

Another important element is the correct location and the interior design of the bedroom. If the bedroom is located directly at the front door, close to the common area, you will not get a fully-fledged bedroom.

And fabulous color dreams. These blessings will pass you by, as you will always be in the spotlight of what is happening in your apartment and even in the stairwell of a neighbor.

Decor and other decoration

As for tulle, and curtains, you need to think about this because the hormones of joy and satisfaction, for which melatonin is responsible in our body, are very important, and there must be plenty of it in our body, that’s why curtains should be dense (for example black out), melatonin is produced in complete darkness.

The main details for the bedroom

It is best to purchase a bed so that it has not only a place to rest, but also an additional closet for storing removable bedding, dust usually accumulates under the bed, and if it still has a know-how system with drawers, this is very cool. It’s just so simple to solve the problem, and there will be no heap of various unnecessary things. For things, sliding wardrobes with various decorative shelves and hinges are suitable.

The main part should be from environmentally friendly materials, and this is a natural tree, for example, oak, birch, larch, which gives the originality of individuality and will last for more than one year. Orthopedic mattress so that our body rests. Pay attention when buying that the bed does not have sharp corners, although it looks sophisticated. But the main thing is our health and safety at night. And another small detail, the lighting near the bed is best placed on the wall, and so that they do not stand on the pedestal. This frees up space for a laptop, mobile or favorite book. So your space will be used more rationally and we will get additional virtual meters. It will be quite useful to stick exclusive wallpapers or murals.

All this beauty can be obtained by ordering from us in the studio of modern interior design in the city of Kiev, and you will always be helped to choose your style directly with love. And it’s very important that your interior is transformed and you will see how invisible threads and the personality of your bedroom are emphasized. We love you and are waiting for you, and for the result it will not be far off, but right away, believe me. Studio Masstar.